The Objectives of the Norwood Residents Association

  • To organise an effective association to represent and act on behalf of residents of Norwood to improve the living conditions, community and amenity of Norwood.
  • To organise and make representation to the local Council, State Government and any other relevant bodies concerning the issues that affect the conditions, amenity and community of Norwood.
  • To publicly promote the Association as the constituted organisation representing the interests of Norwood Residents.
  • To organise and conduct social and other events and activities for the residents of Norwood and any other interested people.
  • To manage the affairs of the Association through a duly constituted Management Committee in a responsible and efficient way including establishing appropriate control and accounts for all finances and any goods purchased and/or maintained by the Association.
  • To abstain from partisan endorsement of any candidate during Council, State or Federal elections.
  • To encourage Councillors and other elected representatives, and election candidates to discuss their views at information forums or general meetings convened by the Association for the benefit of residents.
  • To do all such other things as may be incidental to achieving the objects set out above.

from the Constitution


PDF: Constitution _ Norwood Residents Association Inc.

Word: Constitution

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