Norwood Heritage Walk

Heritage…..It’s More Than A Place

Historian Denise Schumann is passionate about Norwood’s history and its beautiful 19th century-built heritage. She is dismayed at recent developments on The Parade where the unique character of this historic main street and the surrounding streets is being impacted by high-rise contemporary buildings punctuating the skyline as land values increase.

These so-called ‘hip’ developments affect the amenity of one of Adelaide’s oldest suburbs. While being described facetiously as ‘urban renewal’, they systematically erode the character, change the cultural landscape and chip away at the very fabric of local life. Influential groups such as the Property Council of South Australia see the scale of our built heritage and way of life as obstacles to more lucrative developments.

Denise will walk us through the streets of Norwood, revealing the stories, the people and the lessons of history and why we need to preserve our neighbourhood. She will highlight what the loss of local planning powers means and the effects of transferring decision-making powers to remote authorities such as the State Planning Commission and Renewal SA.

Come along and hear what Denise has to say, but please first confirm your attendance.


Norwood Residents Association Heritage Walk
Date: Saturday 31 August 2.00pm – 4.00pm
Depart: Norwood Town Hall, Cnr The Parade and George Street

Led by Denise Schumann OAM

Maximum number 20 people.
Please register with Chris Francis, President of the NRA (0419 826 918)

Denise Schumann Schumann & Assoc.,(005)


AGM 7/8/2019

A reasonable gathering despite the inclement weather attended our recent AGM.

The usual end of term reports were given (you can read the President’s report here: PRESIDENT’S REPORT (Aug 7, 2019) )

after which elections were held which saw all sitting office bearers re-elected unopposed and three new committee members added.

The talk by Tony Zappia on the proposed Coles redevelopment was most instructive. To summarise the current plans we were told:

  • The three significant trees will remain (cork, river red gum and one on the northern side) although there may be a loss of some of the mature trees on the southern boundary.
  • The car park on Edward St will stay much as it is but with a reconfiguration for easier pedestrian access and some shaded parking. There is no no housing planned for Edward St.
  • The Coles delivery area will move from the southern side to the east (off George St).
  • The open parking off George St will be lowered and screened from the road.
  • Townhouses (six from memory) to be built on George St.
  • All new building will be in the centre of the site which will be totally demolished. The Coles supermarket will occupy the ground level, roughly the same size as now.
  • Above this will be a level with commercial space (targeted for a medical centre) plus parking.
  • The third level will be all parking.
  • Above, there will be the so called ‘floating’ townhouses – some 25 or 26 in number (two story) as well as open space for the residents.
  • Also planned are two apartment towers of six stories (making nine total above ground) comprising 26 units each (mainly two bedroom). These will be at the northern end.
  • The access between The Parade and Coke St will remain as per the current mall.
  • There is provision for a ground level ‘piazza’ between the western car park and the mall.

We were told a great emphasis is being put on the environment with more tree planting, the aesthetics (an Italianate colonnade theme is envisaged), heritage and design.

Some details were quite sketchy and more changes are possible.The sites plans were informative but there were no decent elevation drawings to give us an idea of how it might actually look. The claim is that meetings and negotiations are going well with no ‘show stoppers’ and a development lodgement is expected ‘within a few months’. The anticipated build time is 18 months to two years.

There is an offer to give another update further down the track and if enough members are interested we will pursue this.


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