Our new Committee has certainly had to hit the ground running!!

Since our official election to office on September 12, we have been busy with:

  • A formal written submission outlining our views on proposed changes to State Planning Policies and their perceived impact at both a state and a local community level (completed September 21). Read this here: 180920 NRA submission – state planning policy
  • Discussion with Penny Gordon at Steven Marshall’s Electoral Office. The aim was to voice growing resident concerns about new legislation adversely affecting long accepted development approval processes and limiting their rights to have input on matters which directly affect their quality of life and amenity in Norwood.
  • Research in conjunction with the Historical Society and NPSP Council for a written response to the Parliamentary Heritage Inquiry (completed September 28). Read this here: 180928 NRA Heritage submission – Final
  • Meeting with the NPSP Planning Department for explanation of the  Assessment Pathways and Performance Indicators Discussion Paper/Workshop, followed by a subsequent submission addressing the Assessment Pathways Technical Paper (completed October 16). Read this here: Assessment Pathway Submission
  • Extensive liaison with the Kensington Residents Association on matters of mutual interest/concern, especially planning/co-ordinating our joint ‘Meet the Candidates’ Forum and considering a stance on the proposed Peregrine helipad
  • Disseminating resident information via the community noticeboard, Facebook, NRA website and The Messenger
  • Establishing links with Community Alliance SA Inc to cultivate collective strength with other resident associations, thereby giving us a louder voice on issues like urban in-fill, high rise development and heritage protection

As stated at our public meeting, the Norwood community faces many pressing issues.  Residents not only need to be acutely mindful of these but must also be prepared to fight hard to protect their threatened rights/interests.

Our NRA believes in people power, but we can only succeed if residents wholeheartedly embrace commitment over complacency and action over apathy!!

Meet the Candidates: Local Government Elections 2018 Kensington/East Norwood and West Norwood/Kent Town wards

Our recent ‘Meet the Candidates’ session run in co-operation with the Kensington Residents’ Association was an informative and interesting evening. We heard from the ward and Mayoral nominees who were then subjected to some vigorous questioning by the assembled crowd.

Whether you did or did not attend please don’t forget to vote!
Refer below for some helpful information.

Word file of candidates’ details Candidates Data 2018 – Public 

Statements from candidates CandidateStatements

Details of Candidates for NPSP Council election 2018: Candidates Data 2018 – Public

How will State Government proposals affect you?

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2018 Local Government Elections | Nominations NPSP Council

Nominations have closed for the 2018 Council Elections.

Voting will take place in NPSP Council as follows:

Mail out of voting materials Monday 22 – Friday 26 October
Close of voting 5.00pm, Friday 9 November

List of Candidates PDF File: 8738_2018_council_nominations

NPSP Council website:

For further information visit:

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