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Constitution (original constitution can be found here)

History of the Norwood Residents Association Inc.

The former Kensington and Norwood Council, the oldest suburban council in Australia, was part of the local community. Residents felt an immediate and close connection with their Council.

In 2000, the State Government pressured councils into amalgamation. As a result, the former Kensington and Norwood Council became part of the much larger Norwood Payneham and St Peters Council.

Many people were concerned that the voice of our local community would be lost.

A public meeting was called on the 29th March 2000 in the St Giles Church Hall to consider the formation of an organisation that could represent Norwood and speak for its residents. Forty eight residents decided unanimously to establish the Norwood Residents Association.

Since then, the NRA has formed ties with other community organisations, including other residents groups in the Norwood Payneham and St Peters Council area. This enables us to present a united voice on issues of concern to the whole city.

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The Objectives of the Norwood Residents Association

  1. To organise an effective association to represent and act on behalf of residents of Norwood to improve the living conditions, community and amenity of Norwood.
  2. To organise and make representation to the local Council, State Government and any other relevant bodies concerning the issues that affect the conditions, amenity and community of Norwood.
  3. To publicly promote the Association as the constituted organisation representing the interests of Norwood Residents.
  4. To organise and conduct social and other events and activities for the residents of Norwood and any other interested people.
  5. To manage the affairs of the Association through a duly constituted Management Committee in a responsible and efficient way including establishing appropriate control and accounts for all finances and any goods purchased and/or maintained by the Association.
  6. To abstain from partisan endorsement of any candidate during Council, State or Federal elections.
  7. To encourage Councillors and other elected representatives, and election candidates to discuss their views at information forums or general meetings convened by the Association for the benefit of residents.
  8. To do all such other things as may be incidental to achieving the objects set out above.

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Areas of Activity

1         Development applications

2         Planning Amendment Reports (PARs)

3         Significant trees

4         Open Space Strategy

5         Transport Issues

6         Heritage Issues

7         Other Environmental Issues

8         Parklands Administration

9         Better Communication for the Community, eg Notice Boards

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