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To find out what the Masterplan is about go to the Minutes of the Council Meeting of 29 Sep, 2015

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40km/h: For and Against

Notes of Norwood Residents Association General Meeting, held 30 Sep 2015

Mark Parnell MLC (Leader of the Greens in SA) gave the reasons why we should adopt a 40km/h speed limit:

  • the chances of having an accident are fewer, because stopping distances are about half what they are at 50kph.
  • the chance of a pedestrian being killed is far less if hit at 40km/h than if hit at 50km/h
  • streets are quieter, because tyre noise at 40km/h is half that of tyre noise at 50km/h.  (But Mark noted that if speed humps are used to bring the speed down, this might increase engine noise as cars accelerate away.)

Because as residents we only use the local streets for the last kilometre of a trip, and have to stop at intersections etc., the increase in time taken is a tiny proportion of the total trip (typically no more than 10 seconds, often much less).

Councillor Paul Wormald explained why he voted against Council asking residents if they wanted a 40km/h speed limit:

  • Laws need to have community support.  Using the prohibition analogy, this will be seen by many as government “overreach” and will be ignored.
  • The real speedsters don’t care what the speed limit is.
  •  80% of crashes in Adelaide occur on the arterial roads, where the speed limit would not change.
  • There are relatively few crashes on local streets.  The savings in crash numbers are not worth the everyday inconvenience.
  • Signs by themselves don’t do anything.  If speeds are really to come down, the speed limit will need to be supported with changes in road design, which will cost millions.

Having said that, Paul noted Mark’s arguments and said that he would probably support 40km/h speed limit if imposed by the State government on all local streets in the inner suburbs.

The meeting also discussed the current process that the council is undertaking to gauge the public’s opinion.

There is currently confusion over:

  • whether some suburbs would have 40km/h if residents there strongly favoured this, even if residents of the Council area as a whole didn’t.
  • whether the map provided in the ballot papers included Osmond Terrace as one that would go to 40km/h or not.
  • what the Council will do next after the results of the ballot are received.  (What is the status of the vote?)

There was some criticism of Council’s approach in not providing the arguments as to why we should go to 40km/h, or stay at 50km/h.  It should have done the research and provided the resultant information to residents and businesses before spending $65,000 on the consultation exercise.


safe speed or speed trap



40 KPH



Wednesday, Sep. 30 at 7.30 p.m.

Norwood Town Hall

Don Pyatt Hall, George St

Enquiries:  Jim Dunk  08 8362 6409


 LAST MEETING – 29 July 2015

A Chat with Steven Marshall

Steven Marshall, MP, Leader of the Opposition, will talk about his role as our local Member of Parliament.

This will be followed by an informal Q and A.

This meeting will also be our AGM and it is important all members attend.

Guests welcome.

July 29 2015, 7.30 – 9.30 pm

Don Pyatt Hall, George St, Norwood

Free Public Meeting.  Light Supper

NRA – Promoting Community Consultation


The Story of the Norwood School Great War Memorial

presented by local historian, Denise Schumann


This talk will unravel the secrets behind the construction of this unique war memorial designed by the Headmaster of the Norwood Public School and built by the children themselves.

It is important to note, that at the time the obelisk was constructed Commonwealth legislation proscribed that all funds that may have gone to the construction of public memorials be directed to the war effort. This legislative response in 1916 was not only economic in its intention but also political as the government set about trying to control and manipulate public sentiment following the disastrous events at Gallipoli and the high rate of Australian casualties on the Western Front. The enormous loss of life in the Battle of the Somme led to a decline in enlistments in Australia and to an outcry against the introduction of compulsory conscription.

It is against this backdrop that Denise Schumann will explain the motives and the inspiration that led the Norwood school community to erect a war memorial regardless of government regulations.

All are welcome to attend what promises to be a great evening of local history.

Don Pyatt Hall,

George St, Norwood

29 April 2015, 7.30 p.m.

Free Public Meeting.  Light Supper


‘Goodbye to All That: An Exhibition on the Great War 1914-1918’

This beautiful exhibition takes the visitor from the home-front to the battlegrounds of Gallipoli and Europe where ordinary lives were changed forever by the impact of the Great War. See how a simple faded photo, a wedding dress, a bugle, a blood stained casualty stretcher and a pair of boots tell the story of courage and love, of separation and fear, and evoke memories of a time when loyalty to ‘King and Country’ was tested.

Cultural Heritage Centre,

Ground Floor, St Peters Town Hall,

101 Payneham Road, St Peters.

Open Monday to Friday 9.30am to 5.00pm & Saturday 10.00am to 4.00pm

Denise Schumann


Cultural Heritage Centre St Peters Town Hall Complex

Telephone 8334 0262

Facsimile 8332 6338



LAST MEETING – 21 Jan 2015

Beulah Road and plans for the “Norwood Bikeway”

What do the State Government and Norwood, Payneham and St Peters Council plan for Beulah Road?

What will it mean for residents? For cyclists? For motorists?

The Council’s bike plan calls for Beulah Road to be a “bicycle boulevard”. What is a bicycle boulevard anyway?

Come along to listen to and discuss the plans with:

  • Carlos Buzzetti, NPSP Council’s General Manager, Urban Planning and Environment, and
  • Colin Maher, Senior Planner, Cycling and Walking Section, Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure.

PastedGraphic-1 copy

When: Wednesday, 21 January 2015, 7.30 p.m.

Where: Don Pyatt Hall, George St, Norwood 

For more discussion, see Norwood Bikeway

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