SA Government releases two new Development Plan Amendment Reports 2017

A note from St Peters Residents Association that may be of interest to Norwood Residents

You may have noticed that the government has just released two new Development Plan Amendment Reports that affect a number of properties in the council area to allow a much greater dwelling height and density. See the links below.

Sites affected are –

95 Hackney Road, Hackney (including Hackney Hotel) ( 6 storeys)

1-5 Beulah Road, Norwood ( 4 storeys)

78-80 Rundle Street, Kent Town (3-4 storeys)

76 Magill Road, Norwood (including Caroma) (6 storeys)

Magill Road, Stepney (including Otto’s Timber) (4-5 Storeys)

52-60 The Parade, Norwood (5 storeys)

I notice that while 52-60 Parade are listed, the map includes a much larger area  and includes  62/64 and 46/48.

I doubt that there will be any direct notifications to those affected.

I would hope that Council will move to carry out a wide area notification to give residents a chance to provide comments on the proposals.

I would be interested in what others feel needs to be done.


David Cree

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