The Future of the Norwood Branch of NPSP Library

At its meeting on 5 February 2018 under Agenda item 11, Council considered its Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP). Among the implications of this agenda item is the potential for the Norwood branch of Council’s library to be closed in future (though to be very clear Council has not released any specific proposal along these lines).

As a minimum there are now no plans for the Norwood branch of the library to be updated or relocated as has happened with the library’s other branches in recent years. Below is the relevant wording of the report which was presented to Council concerning the LTFP

Based on the feedback received, which questioned the need for three (3) libraries, the funding allocation for the relocation of the Norwood library has been removed from the LTFP.

Please refer to the Minutes of this Council meeting for further information.

The decision not to including funding for the Norwood branch of the library to be relocated and the hint that the branch may eventually be closed is worrying to those residents who are frequent users of the Norwood library branch and who would find it difficult to access the other two branches (at St Peters and Payneham).

The NRA’s convener, Bernadette Bean, was contacted by The Messenger to discuss this issue for an article they are writing. A photo to accompany the article will be taken at the Norwood branch of the library (110 The Parade) on Wednesday 14 February at 5:30pm. All lovers of the Norwood library are asked to attend to swell the numbers for the photo shoot. The library won’t be open but the photo will be taken out front and it shouldn’t take too long.

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