On Line Petition to Restore Development Funding for Norwood Public Library


We request that Council reinstate capital investment funding for the Norwood Library in the Council’s Long Term Financial Plan.

Sign the Petition at change.org


What happened?

At its February meeting, the City of Norwood, Payneham & St Peters decided by a margin of one vote to withdraw $3.5 Million in capital funding for the Norwood Library in a document called the draft Long-Term Financial Plan. The motion that was lost would have ensured the future life of our library, in either its current location or as part of a community centre in the Norwood Town Hall.

Why is this important?

·  Norwood is a major business centre, with large numbers of people shopping and eating on the Parade. To make an area vibrant it needs not only shops, cafes and big social events but also community centres like the library.

·  Not to fund Norwood Library for a capital upgrade is to slowly kill it.  The other council libraries are isolated from any major centre with no public transport connection with The Parade. The other two libraries have been upgraded over recent years and are focal points for their communities. The same should apply to Norwood.

·  Modern libraries are also community centres. They offer space for groups to meet, public lectures, cooking classes and digital learning hubs which are invaluable.

·  The Norwood Library is a focal point for children and adults alike to borrow books, DVDs, magazines, e-readers etc. and is within an easy walking distance from public transport for all residents.

What can we do?

The Long-Term Financial Plan is still in draft form, and there is still an opportunity to have the capital investment reinstated at a future Council meeting. If this petition receives enough signatures, we might just persuade them to change their mind.

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