The City of Norwood, Payneham & St Peters Council elections will take place in October/November, but the FIRST milestone in the process is the closing of the Voter’s Roll on August 10.  To be eligible to vote, voters must be properly registered by this date.


  1. Australian citizens already registered on the ELECTORAL ROLL at their current address, will automatically receive a postal ballot.

Those who have recently moved into the area need to update their details with the Electoral Commission BEFORE the Voter’s Roll closes. (Australia Post has the forms)

  1. Non-citizens 18 years and older may vote if they have lived in the Council area for more than ONE MONTH.  However, the attached Registration Form needs to be completed and reach Council by August 10.
  2. Businesses can also register to vote.  Further information/forms are available online at:

Download the registration form:

Council Voters Roll registration Form – Person

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