Art vs Footpaths

There will be a motion before Council on Monday 21/1/19 to use money designated for public artworks for some footpath repair work. Does this concern you? Please contact your local member if so. While nobody is against the proper maintenance of our roads and footpaths should we steal from previously approved funds to do this? This is not a question of whether the Council SHOULD dedicate some monies for public art but whether it is right to re-purpose these funds.

1. That the Council allocates funding of $200,000 to be spent in 2019-2020 on footpath maintenance in
addition to any amount allocated for this purpose as part of the 2019-2020 Budget.
2. That the additional funding of $200,000 be made available by the suspension of the Council’s annual
allocation to its Quadrennial Major Public Artwork Program reserve fund for the next four (4) financial
years (2019-2020 to 2022-2023 inclusive)).
3. That the Council’s Public Art Policy be amended in accordance with the Council’s decision.

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