This $98 million initiative will have quite an impact on a number of people and those directly affected are asking questions like:

What is the logic of changing the intersection to 3 lanes north and southbound? What will happen when the traffic has to merge back to 2 lanes after the intersection?….a bottleneck? How does this improve traffic flow? What about safety? What will it be like when there are trucks merging back into 2 lane traffic? What about our street-scapes and the removal of all the trees? Where is DPTI’s adequate ‘consultation’ process with those people whose properties are targeted for acquisition as well as the wider community?


Stay informed about what is happening locally by attending one of these (late notice) DPTI community information sessions and reading “Backlash over $98m intersection upgrade” (The Advertiser February 4, page 7).


Check out the fact sheet here: Portrush_and_Magill_intersection_Upgrade_Pro.._

and the DPTI webpage here: https://www.dpti.sa.gov.au/infrastructure/road_projects/magill



  1. Surely this money can be better used in this COVID catastrophe? Saving 10 minutes or travel time is hardly a priority!


  2. 10 minutes of travelling time translate to a lot of hours of saved emissions and fumes when you look at 40,000+ vehicles every day. The merging to 2 lanes by thousands of B-Doubles is likely to be a complete disaster.

    I travel that area often. Looking at what happens there now and elsewhere I have the feeling that some road planning is made with the military and war in mind. We are spending so much on the arms race that a war looks more likely every day and having roads which can accommodate tanks and military trucks or can even be used as a landing strip seems to be a thought that fits.


  3. The increased slip lanes and turning lanes will alleviate the current congestion as is experienced at the moment. The planners have also taken into account the future needs for our growing transport fleet. Not just for a year or 2 but some decades. Well done..


  4. Its a pity that Adelaides population is forced to increase because of Govt policy on growth so as to make decisions like this necessary. Homeowners living on busy main rds anywhere could be feeling a bit nervous


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