Important Notice

Dear Norwood Resident,

Regrettably the COVID-19 health crisis has put many of our Association’s planned activities on hold, until such time as public gatherings are deemed safe for our cohort of older members.

Deferred initiatives include:

  • the Community Rally on the steps of Parliament (March 22)
  • a public meeting on street/verge management (April 15)
  • an informal social gathering for members (early/mid June)

Importantly though, timely responses have still been drafted and submitted in relation to THREE major proposals which will directly affect our community (all are available on our NRA website):

Despite the fact that ‘official’ deadlines for each have now passed, we urge you to continue lobbying MPs about your concerns regarding these matters, because more emails/letters clearly give us a louder voice and greater power.

With all that has happened in recent months, people are facing a difficult time. We trust that able members of our Norwood community will find ways to care for those in need and will in turn benefit from the support of others.

Chris Francis (President)

Tom Smith (Secretary)

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