Reaching Out

During the COVID-19 lockdown, it is important to stay SAFE and CONNECTED to others.

Incapacitated, high risk residents living alone can and do benefit from:
• NPSP Community Services (Ph: 8336 4600)
• The assistance of caring neighbours to do shopping/home deliveries
• Regular phone and/or email contact

And for all of us to help get through this lockdown period here are some suggestions:

• Sharing funny or uplifting moments on our NRA Facebook page

• Inspiring quotes like:
“Act as if what you do makes a difference. IT DOES.”
William James

• Many online experiences to enjoy e.g.:

– A virtual stroll through Monet’s Garden (Visit created by Slow Tours. Click ‘Gallery’ and scroll down to enjoy this FREE travel experience. More to follow on this website)

– The UK National Theatre broadcasting weekly full plays (Jane Eyre currently):

– Watch full Andrew Lloyd Webber productions (next one is Jesus Christ Superstar):

– Live music streams:

…and many more galleries, museums etc. Search for them on the web.

Stay home. stay safe, stay in touch…

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