Proposed demolitions of 73 and 75 William Street

You may have had a flyer in your letter box about the proposed demolition and replacement of adjoining houses at 73 and 75 William Street. 

Click on each image below to be taken to the real estate listing, to see what is proposed to be destroyed. We understand that the owners of 73 prefer not demolish the home, and would consider not doing so if they were to be provided with on-street parking that they say would be impossible to provide if the current building is retained.

73 William St

75 William St

We have also provided links to the development applications.  Click on the images below to be taken to them. 

73 William St proposal

75 William St proposal

It is concerning to see that the only reason that there has been public notification about the proposed demolition because it is proposed that they be replaced with two storey buildings.  If they were to be replaced with single storey buildings there would be no notification, despite the destruction of houses over 100 years old, in good condition.

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