Major Council projects, including changes to plans for George Street

We have uploaded the presentation provided by NPSP staff.  You can find it by clicking here.

We’ve not uploaded the flythrough for the Payneham swimming pool upgrade, but that can be found on the project’s page on the Council’s website:

Sorry that it has taken so long to upload the presentation.  There might have been changes to the projects since then.  If you want to keep up to date, go to the major projects page on the Council website.

Also, there were reports on major projects at the 22 August and 5 September 2022 Council meetings. You can find these on the agendas and minutes page of the Council website.

The information in these reports is more up to date than that which was provided at the NRA meeting on 27 July. For example, there is an update on The Parade and George Street in the 5 September 2022 agenda.

Below are images of the plans for George Street. The top one is from the July presentation to the Association. The bottom one is slightly updated, and has been taken from the September agenda to Council.

George Street plan, from July presentation to NRA
George Street plan, from September NPSP Council agenda

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