GENERAL MEETING: WEDNESDAY, 12th SEPTEMBER 7:30 pm in Don Pyatt Hall (Entrance George St)

We invite all previous members and prospective new members to a general meeting to elect a management committee and office bearers and discuss the future direction of the association. Membership can be renewed/commenced on the night.

There will be a guest speaker from the council on the proposed State Government Development Plan and how it may affect the Norwood, Payneham and St Peters council area.

This is an opportunity to have a voice in how your suburb evolves!

Following a recent public meeting a ‘caretaker’ committee was formed and will seek ratification at this upcoming general meeting. The main office bearers required are President, Secretary and Treasurer. To provide some background information about those offering themselves to fill these positions they have been asked to say a little about themselves (see below).

Christine Francis
Christine Francis

Christine Francis:  I am a retired English-Humanities teacher and antique dealer, with a passion for Norwood which spans more than 30 years.  Initially it was an inviting weekend retreat from quiet country living, but for the past 23 years it has been HOME.  I love the ambience here.  The bustling mix of service centres, entertainment venues, supermarkets, dining and shopping possibilities, makes living choices easy without sacrificing a comforting sense of community.

Norwood’s prevailing character and heritage are unique and well worth preserving for posterity.  Many people are drawn here for a variety of reasons, but no visitor has as much to gain or lose as the residents who live here.  As a consequence, we as locals need to take any necessary action to ensure that proposed development is both sensitive and respectful to what already exists and also adds value to our daily lives.  It is that conviction which prompts me to proffer my services as President of the Norwood Residents Association.

Tom Smith
Tom Smith

Tom Smith: I am a retired IT professional and have been a Norwood resident for eighteen years and love living here. I consider Norwood as the jewel in the crown of Adelaide suburbs and the closest we have to the European style urban village. With its shops, cafés, entertainment options and proximity to the city it ticks many boxes. So, it is important to ensure we preserve the things that make it so attractive while also recognising that change is inevitable and to embrace those changes that are sensible and sensitive. I offer myself up for the position of Secretary of the Norwood Residents Association.

Rowena Dunk
Rowena Dunk

Rowena Dunk:  I am a retired health professional, who came to live in Norwood and raise a family over 30 years ago.  In the early years I was active on the Norwood Primary School Council and as Chair, campaigned for medium density housing in Plane Tree Lane, as opposed to light industrial development.  I was on the original steering committee for our Municipal Library and was also heavily involved with the Guide movement, both as a parent and District Leader.  More recent community projects have included the Cork Tree ‘battle’ and written submissions to Council in relation to Outdoor Dining and The Masterplan.

My home lies within a designated Heritage Conservation Zone and I believe it is important to preserve such areas.  Times change and bureaucracies are getting larger, but individuals still need a say in what the shape of their suburb will be.  The Norwood Residents Association can be a strong advocate/voice to help protect people’s quality of life, which is why I gladly offer my time and skills as its Treasurer.


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