State Planning Policies and Heritage Enquiry by Parliamentary Committee

These two significant State Government issues concern Heritage protection and planning. The State Planning Policies were described and discussed at the recent NRA general meeting. Your committee submitted submissions for both of these and they can be found on this website:

180928 NRA Heritage submission – Final

180920 NRA submission – state planning policy

  1. The Heritage Inquiry initiated by a parliamentary Committee

For residents in Norwood especially, built heritage is our unique and valuable link to the past and an irreplaceable asset to our community.  We cannot afford to be silent if/when remote government bodies with little to no investment in our precinct, seek to influence/regulate those areas which help define us and which greatly affect the quality of our daily lives.

2. The Draft State Planning Policies.

There are 96 of them but ONE concerns cultural heritage. There is scant mention of the protection of built heritage and no mention of Historic Conservation Zones or Residential Character Zones in this draft policy.

For your reference, the City of Norwood, Payneham & St Peters endorsed submissions to both consultations.

Submission from NPSP Council 1

Submission from NPSP Council 2

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