Parade and Magill Rd Bus Stop Changes

From DPTI following community submissions:

“After close consideration of patronage, operational and road safety data, as well as feedback from the community, the following changes will be implemented along The Parade:

  • Removal of stop 13 on the southern side
  • Renumber of stop 14 to stop 13 on the southern side
  • Removal of stop 14 on the northern side
  • Removal of stop 15A from both sides
  • Removal of stop 16B from both sides
  • Removal of stop 17A from both sides
  • Relocation of stop 17B northern side, 140 metres west for travel away from the city

Due to community feedback regarding the value of bus stop 7, the team have decided to keep bus stop 7 operational in its current location.”

and for Magill Rd:

“After close consideration of patronage, operational and road safety data, as well as feedback received from the community, the following changes will be implemented along Magill Road:

  • Removal of stop 7 on the northern side
  • Removal of stop 8 on the southern side

Due to community feedback:

  • Stop 4 and 5 will no longer be combined
  • Stop 7 on the southern side will remain in its current location  
  • Stop 8 on the southern side will be removed rather than relocated
  • Stop 10 will remain in its current location
  • Stop 14 will remain in its current location”

See the attached maps which detail the upcoming changes. These changes will be active as of Monday 6 April 2020.

For further information about this project please visit the DPTI website:     DPTI

Magill Road Bus Stops

Important Notice

Dear Norwood Resident,

Regrettably the COVID-19 health crisis has put many of our Association’s planned activities on hold, until such time as public gatherings are deemed safe for our cohort of older members.

Deferred initiatives include:

  • the Community Rally on the steps of Parliament (March 22)
  • a public meeting on street/verge management (April 15)
  • an informal social gathering for members (early/mid June)

Importantly though, timely responses have still been drafted and submitted in relation to THREE major proposals which will directly affect our community (all are available on our NRA website):

Despite the fact that ‘official’ deadlines for each have now passed, we urge you to continue lobbying MPs about your concerns regarding these matters, because more emails/letters clearly give us a louder voice and greater power.

With all that has happened in recent months, people are facing a difficult time. We trust that able members of our Norwood community will find ways to care for those in need and will in turn benefit from the support of others.

Chris Francis (President)

Tom Smith (Secretary)

NRA Makes Submission on Peregrene Helipad

You can read it here…

NRA Helipad Submission – March 12, 2020

And a reminder of the community rally on March 22nd protesting the planning reforms – see the previous post for all the details.

Also, in addition to another posting re the Portrush/Magill Roads revamp, there will be a demonstration outside Steven Marshall’s Office next Friday (March 20) at 4pm.

Smart City Plan

The Norwood, Payneham & St Peters Council is developing a Smart City Plan. Smart cities make use of digital technology to improve collaboration, efficiency, sustainability and economic development.

Common smart city projects include:

– free public Wi-Fi
– co-working and innovation hubs
– smart parking
– smart street lighting
– digital democracy platforms
– mobile apps.

At this stage they are inviting residents to complete an online survey in order to provide important feeedback to the consultants. Please consider participating by going to this link:…

The survey closes 5:00pm, Friday 28 February 2020.


From Wikipedia:

“A Smart city is an urban area that uses different types of electronic Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to collect data and then use insights gained from that data to manage assets, resources and services efficiently. This includes data collected from citizens, devices, and assets that is processed and analyzed to monitor and manage traffic and transportation systems, power plants, utilities, water supply networks, waste management, crime detection,[1] information systems, schools, libraries, hospitals, and other community services”


Here is just A TASTE of the GRIM REALITY of new planning rules/regulations the State Government is proposing to implement later this year. In their current form these changes will mean:

  • Loss of Council control over planning and development with ALL existing Council Development Plans replaced by an overarching ‘one size fits all’ approach across the entire state
  • Loss of residents’ appeal rights against almost all new developments
  • Historic Conservation Zones replaced by Historic Area Overlays with generic NOT specific guidelines and much weaker demolition controls
  • Greater building heights on main roads, corridors (eg 6 storeys along Magill Road) and increased building envelopes from 30 to 45 degrees
  • Loss of subdivision controls in quaint Residential Character Zones to support greater infill
  • Less private open space (8% of a site) for trees, vegetation and wildlife
  • Increased overlooking (sill heights reduced from 1.7 to 1.5M)
  • Loss of noise control eg from air-conditioners
  • A dismantling of the hierarchy of commercial activities, such that shops/businesses can be built ANYWHERE, including next to your home
  • A flawed, difficult to navigate e-planning portal with errors/omissions
  • An overall less fair, less certain system open to corruption, litigation and poor outcomes (to the detriment of our streetscapes)


  1. Read the NPSP Council response to the Code (available on its website)
  2. See how the Code will affect your property, by accessing the draft Code, fact sheets etc from the SA Planning Portal:
  3. Share your concerns with our local member, the Hon Steven Marshall MP:
  4. Sign the Heritage Petition soon to be presented to Parliament.

These will again be available on The Parade (by Trenery) from noon until 2pm, Sunday, February 23

  1. Like/share Facebook posts
  2. Write your own submission on the Code (it doesn’t have to be long) and email it by February 28 to:
  3. Attend the Community Alliance rally planned for the steps of Parliament House at 11am, Sunday March 22


This $98 million initiative will have quite an impact on a number of people and those directly affected are asking questions like:

What is the logic of changing the intersection to 3 lanes north and southbound? What will happen when the traffic has to merge back to 2 lanes after the intersection?….a bottleneck? How does this improve traffic flow? What about safety? What will it be like when there are trucks merging back into 2 lane traffic? What about our street-scapes and the removal of all the trees? Where is DPTI’s adequate ‘consultation’ process with those people whose properties are targeted for acquisition as well as the wider community?


Stay informed about what is happening locally by attending one of these (late notice) DPTI community information sessions and reading “Backlash over $98m intersection upgrade” (The Advertiser February 4, page 7).


Check out the fact sheet here: Portrush_and_Magill_intersection_Upgrade_Pro.._

and the DPTI webpage here:


2019 Review

It’s been a busy year! Here is a quick summary:

  1. General Meetings included the following:
    March – an engaging talk by Denise Schumann about Norwood’s early history and colourful characters
    May – a very successful, informal get-together at Lost Barrel
    August – the AGM with Tony Zappia from Studio 9 Architects informing us about the Coles redevelopment plans
    November – a pre-Christmas social night at The Norwood Hotel
  2. Council and Other Meetings
    – Monthly NRA Committee meetings with one or more members attending most NPSP Council meetings
    – Private meetings with the Mayor addressing local concerns
    – Numerous sessions with council planners dealing with impending State Planning changes
    – establishing closer contact with other local associations such as Kensington Residents, Kent Town Residents, St Peters Residents, Rotary, Community Alliance, Salvation Army
  3. Heritage Campaign
    The ongoing fight with the State Government about their development planning changes continued on many fronts. Several written submissions were made directly from the NRA and support was given to the Community Alliance of South Australia and the new Protect Our Heritage organisation. A Norwood historical walk guided by Denise Schumann was conducted in August as well as two heritage bus trips hosted by Rowena Dunk in September. We attended presentations by the State Planning Commission and helped precipitate the Dunstan Forum in November with the Premier, Planning Minister and Planning Commissioner. On-line and paper petitions were launched and continue to seek signatures from people concerned about heritage, while numerous calls have been made for residents to write to their MPs.
  4. Other
    – A written submission to the Civil Aviation Authority raised concerns about the proposed helipad on the new Peregrine building
    –  NRA Committee members assisted Norwood Rotary with their post pageant Fair at Richards Park in November
    – A follow up presentation by Studio 9 Architects on the Coles redevelopment was organised and attended by NRA, Cork Tree and Council representatives



Christmas Catchup, Rotary Fair and more…


A few things to inform you all about:

  1. Rotary post-pageant fair
  2. Christmas social night
  3. Dunstan Planning Forum
  4. Coles re-development

Norwood Rotary will be holding a children’s/family fair at Richards Park after the Christmas Pageant on Saturday 23rd November (see below).
The NRA will be assisting them in setting up and running the event as well as having our own stall there promoting the Association. We’ll also be selling some delicious marmalades and jams and maybe a few other items to raise some money. We welcome any other contributions to our table – if you think you can donate something please contact us at our email address (

Please come along to our end of year get together for a more relaxed, informal gathering. It will be at The Norwood Hotel (in the room to the left as you come in from Osmond Terrace) from 6:00pm Wednesday, 27th November. Like the previous happy hour, we’ll provide some finger food and you can buy drinks at the bar. It would be nice to see as many members as possible there. For you non/ex members perhaps you’d also like to come along and join/re-join on the night!

This was held at the Norwood Concert Hall on the 4th November and it was great to see many of you there. With the Premier, Planning Minister and Planning Commission Chairman speaking and a spirited Q&A session it was a valuable component of the whole engagement process. The premier invited us all to submit extra questions to his office (via and has promised to respond to all queries. This is your chance to educate yourself further and/or apply more pressure. There is a consultation period of five months for the recently released Design Code and this will be essentially the final opportunity to help shape the new development planning process. Rest assured that your Association will be actively involved and will be writing a submission during this time.

The development application has now been lodged. You may have seen the recent Advertiser article about this. A few of us have been invited to find out more detail from the Architects themselves and we’ll report back on this immediately afterwards. Being a category Two application only adjacent property owners can make submissions/objections to the development (by 21st November). See our Facebook page for some more detail…



At Richards park – nestled in between Magill Rd, entrance next to Heatworks, East of Osmond Tce & North of Verdun St

Come along and …
have lunch, enjoy the jumpy castle, purchase a lucky dip, talk to the jolly old fella and lots more

Between 11am – 1pm on 23rd November
It’s on straight after the Norwood Christmas Pageant